About us


Its beginnings date back to 2003, and later a company was formed, now proud of the title VITAMEDIC Ltd.  and provides medical standby various events, self-funding transports in Slovenia and AMBULANCE SERVICE transportation and education.

Our strategic advantage

We differentiate ourselves from other similar companies in that we have a staff with many years of experience in emergency medicine, highly qualified and experienced STAFF.

Our approach

We professionally and enthusiastically meet the requirements of our clients. Our company VITAMEDIC wants to provide the client with a comprehensive service for the moment in order to minimize the consequences and at the same time to protect the organizer from the unpleasant financial and legal consequences.


We are aware that quality of service is the key to successful cooperation, so our list of references is longer each year. We provide high quality, professional services and the highest level on medical standby at various events .


The company is strategically oriented, its goals are focused on the sustainable growth and development of the company.

The Vitamedic Team

For your carefree organization

  • Highest quality field care and patient transportation.
  • We follow the quality guidelines, novelties and trends.
  • We carry out orders both reliably and correctly.
  • We monitor local specifics for on-call and patient transport
  • We provide favorable payment for our services.